Alzheimer’s Awareness

Our team supports the work that the Dementia Friends project is doing to make services accessible to those living with dementia.

Not only do we offer standard home visit appointments at no extra charge, but many of our services are designed to make planning for, and managing, life with dementia straightforward.

Reading Wendy Mitchell’s groundbreaking account of living with dementia gives us a deeper understanding of the life changing impact a diagnosis of dementia has on the individual, their loved ones, and those they interact with each day.

Aida Edemariam, author, reviewed Wendy’s book for The Guardian and wrote:

“Talk, then.
Talk as much as possible, while it is still possible.
Talk to loved ones, explain what needs to happen, about care, about resuscitation, about death.
Make choices now to make theirs, already hard, a little easier later.
Brave the mutual dance of fear and reassurance.”

Don’t be daunted by these decisions and discussions.

We can help you and your family work through the decisions and complete the paperwork step by step.

We provide advice and support for long term care planning, for writing and registering Lasting Powers of Attorney, for Will Writing, for estate and inheritance tax planning, and prepaid funeral planning. 

All these topics are hard to broach with loved ones, but don’t let that put you off.

Contact us or drop in.  We’d love to help you, whatever your requirements.