Why not write your Will?

Do you have an up to date Will?  If so, well done!  And, if you would like us to take a quick look to ensure it still reflects your wishes, then please contact us and book a free Will review.

If you don’t have a Will…perhaps it is because you’ve simply never thought about it? 

Or is it that you are too young or worried about the cost?  Maybe you don’t think you need one because your circumstances are straightforward; or you don’t know where to start…

55% of adults in Britain still do not have a Will, and yet disputes about inheritance are on the increase.

Worse still, in the 35-44 years age group – people most likely to leave young children if they die – only 30% of people have a Will.

“…it’s one of the hardest things to sit and think about but so very important to think about what to leave and who to leave your property to upon your death, especially your children.
However with Gail it was a lot easier.”

Writing a Will is the only way to ensure your exact wishes are known to your friends and family when you are not actually there to spell it out.

It is really tough to think about death, never mind who and what you will leave behind.  Dealing with practicalities now allows your loved ones to grieve without worry, confusion or dispute over what you would have wanted to happen to your estate or your children when you die.

We can write your Will for you at a fixed cost.  We’ll make the process as straightforward as possible, so you don’t need to worry.

Read more about what’s involved in making a Will, and book an appointment to talk to us.

Our home visit service is available at no extra cost

Single simple Will £199 | Pair of simple Mirror Wills £299 | Single Will including a Trust £450 | Pair of Mirror Wills including a Trust £595