The Cost of Dying is on the up…who cares?

Of course there’s a cost to dying!

But when we die, we’re not there to foot the bill, so why should we worry?

The thing is, it can be tricky – or impossible – for loved ones to come up with a significant sum of money at the time of a death.  Even more so if the event is unexpected.

Funeral bills can’t be deferred indefinitely, if at all.  Most people are shocked at how expensive funeral arrangements are, and need to cut costs in order to afford to pay.

This is distressing for people, especially if they feel they are compromising their loved one’s wishes.

We’ve read the 2018 SunLife Cost of Dying Report to bring you a summary.

Read the full report here

The costs & infographics in this blog post are taken from SunLife (2018), Cost of Dying Report.
Read the whole report at

Here’s a look at the basic costs:

SunLife have been recording and analysing the costs of funerals across the UK since 2004, and reporting on the changes year on year.

It’s amazing how the costs add up.  From the professional fees involved in administering an estate to the catering costs of a wake, there’s all manner of things to consider.

This past year the average costs for a basic funeral have reached an all time high of £4,271.  This is simply to cover a burial/cremation fees, funeral directors’ fees and third party costs (such as doctors’ fees and clergy/celebrant fees). 

Burials tend to be slightly more expensive at an average of £4,798, while a basic cremation comes in at a UK average £3,744.

There is considerable variation in cost, depending on location.  For example, a burial in Wales might cost £3,934, with the same basic service in London costing £7,538.  Essentially, costs are continuing to rise.

This is why we recommend people of all ages think about making provision for the costs of their own funeral.  Take a look around our website to find out more, and get in touch with your questions or to schedule an appointment to discuss the best prepaid funeral plan for you.

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