Free Will Review

It’s important to ensure your Will has been checked recently, especially if some time has passed since it was written.

All manner of things change in people’s lives which, unless we stop to think, may go unnoticed in terms of their impact on our estate planning.

How many of these things have happened in your life since your Will was signed and witnessed:

You got married – you had children – you started your own business – you came into some money – you bought a house – you got separated or divorced – your child married someone you don’t trust – you have grandchildren – the cost of probate increased – a named beneficiary or executor has died or you are no longer in contact with them?

Book your free Will Review


Treat it as though you are starting from scratch.  List your assets and liabilities, consider the people you want to appoint as executors, and those who you’d like to benefit under your Will.

We’ll go through the Will alongside your expressed wishes, and check that it is still fit for purpose.  If so, great!  You can put it safely back in to storage, in the knowledge that it will give effect to your plans.

If not, we will advise you of the differences between your wishes and the current provisions of your Will.  You may decide that it doesn’t matter too much as your key priorities are met, so you leave it as it is.  It may be possible to make a small amendment by way of a Codicil to your Will – a short addendum, to be signed and witnessed like your Will.

However, for the avoidance of doubt or confusion, it may be best to draft an entirely new Will.  In this case, you can instruct us to do so, and you can find out more about this process and the fixed costs here.

Single simple Will £199
Pair of simple Mirror Wills £299
Single Will including a Trust £450
Pair of Mirror Wills including a Trust £595

Read more about what’s involved in making a Will, and book an appointment to talk to us.

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