The detail of administering an estate…

…the little things become the big things!

This article is striking in its honesty – read it!

How my late dad’s impounded blue Skoda became a proxy for my grief.
Alex Clark, The Guardian Opinion, 29 June 2019

Following the death of a loved one, especially someone close, the practicalities can seem endless.

Whilst they may provide a welcome distraction from feeling of loss and grief, the list of things to do/sort/organise can become overwhelming in terms of administration.

Our name gives us away – we specialise in all things Wills and Probate. 

So if you find yourself facing a bereavement and taking on the responsibility for the administration of an estate, give us a call.

We offer a wide range of services at fixed costs, so you know at the outset what our fees will be.  You can instruct us to gather in the assets; to complete the valuation of the estate; to prepare and submit the relevant IHT and probate paperwork; to compile the estate accounts; to pay off the liabilities and distribute the estate in accordance with the Will.

We understand that you may want us to take on some elements of the estate administration depending on complexity or cost.

Contact us to discuss your needs and find out how we can make a difference for you in this process.


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