The house will have to pay for the care home…

We were struck by this article in a recent edition of This Is Money, in the Daily Mail Online. 

It addresses the concerns of an individual who has discovered that her Grandmother will be moving in to a care home.

She understood that she and her sibling would inherit a third of the house (as her father predeceased them) and wants to know what their position is, as the house may have to be sold to pay for her Grandmother’s care.

It’s an interesting read, and we may not all be supportive of the writer’s position, but they raise a good question. 

In circumstances where an individual goes into a care home, what happens to their house, and can it be protected?

This situation brings up a range of issues which are really important to address in real life!

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

You should consider drawing up and registering LPAs for yourself in relation to your Property & Financial Affairs. This means that, should you lose capacity (or confidence) in dealing with your finances, you can rely on the help of your chosen Attorney(s).

Read more here and talk to us about what’s involved.

Long Term Care provision

There are certainly implications for your estate when you move into sheltered accommodation or residential care. It is good to understand your options and how best to make provision for this at the outset. Talk to us about how you can prepare for these costs in future.

Read more on this page and talk to us about what’s involved.

Will writing

Make sure you have a valid Will in place! This is really important in terms of making provision for your loved ones. Your estate may be smaller than you anticipate when you die, if funds have been used for your care and accommodation, but you can still stipulate who ought to benefit from what remains.

Read more here and talk to us about what’s involved.


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