Managing inheritance in a tax efficient way

Do not be put off by the title of this article!  It’s an important topic because, in a society where we live longer, many people are heading for retirement by the time they inherit from the generation above.
For some people, such an inheritance comes at just the right time.  It pays off the mortgage, clears credit card debt, and brings some financial security for the years ahead…

But for those who are already comfortably off, the money is added to their estate and is certain to attract inheritance tax when they, in turn, die.

There’s an increase in the number of people who are passing this money on to the generation after them; to the 30-somethings who are struggling to get on the property ladder, dreading the university fees ahead for their own children, and glad of the financial support.

If this is something you’re considering, passing on an inheritance due or recently received, we can draw up a Deed of Variation to ensure the money goes to your chosen recipient instead.

If the Deed is executed within 2 years of the person dying, then the gift is considered to have been directly from the deceased to the end beneficiary, skipping out you.

This is important for tax purposes.

In any event, we recommend you talk to us about your estate tax planning to be sure this is the right decision before going ahead with it.

We can discuss your current financial position, your future needs, the most tax efficient way to manage your own estate, and ensure this is all set out in your Will.


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