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We’ll assist in the administration of an estate, from IHT returns to estate accounts.

Simple, clear advice.  Let us help you through the process.

What is involved in the Probate process?

When someone dies, all that they own is called their ‘estate’.

Their Executors or, if there is no Will, the next of kin, must apply for a Grant of Probate to give them the authority to gather in the assets and to distribute the estate to the correct beneficiaries.

The people entitled to apply for the Grant are the Administrators or Personal Representatives (PRs) of the estate.


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Estates not requiring full IHT return: from £1,500 – £2,995
Estates requiring full IHT return: from £2,995 – £3,995

The PRs are required to list all the estate’s assets and liabilities, and to have the estate valued for the purposes of Inheritance Tax (IHT).  They must complete and submit the relevant IHT forms to HMRC.  They can then make the application for the Grant of Probate.

When this is received, it gives the PRs the authority to collect in the assets, and to pay off any debts or other liabilities of the estate.  Once this has been done, and receipts have been provided, the PRs are then obliged to distribute what remains in accordance with the Will or, if there is no Will, in accordance with the Intestacy Rules.

Records and receipts of every step in the process must be made, and kept for a number of years.  The PRs are responsible for dealing with every aspect of administering the estate, from ensuring the IHT bill is paid, to chasing the last beneficiary for a receipt for their gift!

What services do Oxford Wills & Probate offer in relation to Probate?

Our team is skilled in estate administration, and will be happy to take on any or all of the process on behalf of the PRs.  When our work is completed, we invoice the estate, not the individual PRs.

You may want to instruct us to only complete and file the correct IHT forms, and make the application for the Grant of Probate.  With our experience, this process is much more straightfoward and less intimidating that it may be if you have not had to do it before.

Alternatively, you might wish to instruct us to manage the whole process.

In families where there are disagreements arising following the death, PRs often prefer to delegate the entire management of the estate so that they are not directly involved in dealing with the beneficiaries.

For others, sifting through the estate of a loved one is simply a distressing and daunting task at a time when they are grieving their loss.

Whatever your circumstances, please do not hesitate to approach us to ask for our help.  We tailor our fees to the tasks involved, and will provide you with a cost estimate before we start working for you.

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